The Key To Digital Marketing And Promotion – Website Development And SEO

A well-conceived website is one that incorporates SEO at its designing stages to have a competitive advantage. The website forms the core of the digital marketing world and SEO must be an important element in its design. At Dumfries Website Development Services, we consider the website to be very crucial in convincing consumers to do what you want them to do. A website must work on a big monitor like a laptop or PC to the small screens on a smartphone.

There is tough competition and social presence and recognition is very much needed to make an impact and pretty much do anything that you want to do on the internet. Endless streams of promotional materials are not going to help. A well-thought-outcontent with the right emphasis on SEO is necessary to give the much-needed visibility.

Keyword placement in articles and snippets is very important to attract potential clients and hold their attention. The whole setup must be visually stimulating to earn the much-needed click and sales.It improves the online performance of the site by giving explicit information on the theme and content of a given web page.

The keywords in snippets are mostly about helping the searchers to arrive at a more knowledgeable click decision and go to a page that satisfies their queries. It must be treated as a distinguishing feature that sets the site apart from the others with similar content.

E-commerce sites stand to gain a lot from SEO practices. Digital marketing and promotion can yield the required results when e-commerce sites use the appropriate keyword embellished snippets in announcing their products and offers, in the aggregate reviews compilation, and make sure to include the appropriate URLs, phone numbers, communication address, the geographical location of their stores (if any)and some interesting information on the company’s executives.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Views For Your YouTube Videos

What is your favorite site to watch videos online? I can almost hear you say YouTube. This is why you can find more and more businesses uploading their videos to YouTube. But this is only the first step to getting yourself or your brand noticed. The most popular videos on YouTube are coincidentally also those that have the maximum number of views.

So instead of expecting your video to accumulate enough views, you can actually make it happen. Yes! You can buy views from third party websites or video promoting service providers who will do the hard work for you. But if are new to buying views, then you might be hesitant. In fact, there are enough reasons for you to feel that way. This is because, though there are enough reliable views providers to choose from, there are an equal number of fake providers too.  In addition to not delivering real views, they can even cause your account to get terminated.

Below we give you both the pros and cons of buying YouTube views to help you decide.


  • Increase view count – By buying views, you increase the possibility of real people watching your videos and thereby more traffic
  • Improve rank – YouTube detects videos with high views and this automatically improves the ranking of your video in the search results
  • Increase conversions–More views improve your credibility and help increase online conversions
  • Boost new video – Reduce waiting period before your videos pick momentum with purchased views


  • Account termination – If you use a provider with a bad history or one that is not confidential, your account can be terminated by YouTube
  • Not organic – The views are not organic and you will have to keep doing your math to find out your real views
  • Not ethical – If you believe in ethical marketing practices, then this method is not for you